Catering to the Commercial Craft Cannabis Industry

4x4x8 Rivet Grow Rack Example

Commercial Craft Cannabis is a growing segment in the cannabis cultivation industry and for good reason. Just as craft beer has risen in the past several years consumers are choosing higher quality products to consume.

We at The Growing Rack fully support these unsung heroes of the cannabis industry. We love to help craft cannabis growers achieve their goals as efficiently as possible.

By utilizing state of the art technology the cost to produce quality cannabis has fallen to an all time low and we are on the forefront of this development. We have incorporated the latest LED grow lighting in our own grows and have a finger on the pulse of new developing technologies that not only outperform their predecessors but also outlive them while saving electricity and increasing yields.

By combining our Commercial Grow Racks with highly efficient LED lighting you can effectively multiply your canopy while creating a more efficient workflow. This also saves you money in numerous ways and we know every dollar you save is another dollar in pure profit. We want to maximize your profitability and ensure your success for years to come. That’s why we specialize in systems that make this happen at affordable prices.

One such example is from a medical grower in Northern Michigan. By utilizing our Rivet Series Grow Racks he was able to double his yield in the same space. By purchasing just a single 4′ x 4′ x 8′ grow rack he is now able to produce an extra 3 pounds every 60 days (2 months). That means within just the first round the grow rack will pay for itself 15x over! That’s a huge savings from just one single grow rack.

The rack was configured with caster wheels and melamine shelving and costed less than $500 (+ shipping costs). That means his first harvest will net him an additional $7000 after the cost of the rack is deducted! That’s $7000 that would have been left on the table had he not taken the plunge.

So if you want to take your grow operation to the max, reach out and we’ll work with you to achieve your goals immediately. Many times we can get you setup within 7 days from the moment you contact us.

So what are you waiting for? Start growing SMARTER today!