Cheap & Easy Cannabis Cloning – Step by Step Guide with Photos

I’ve recently started to clone using a method that’s been giving some me great results. I will post links to the items I use in this thread and photos showing the step by step guide to obtaining the same results i’m getting.

Some months ago I bought an Oxy Cloner off amazon for about $65. And had decent results initially. Then as time went on the cuttings would take longer and longer to root and cleaning the reservoir became a hassle.

It’s a really simple setup. It doesn’t use much space in your veg area and I typically see roots in about 7-10 days. There’s a humidity dome with a built-in vent so you can control the humidity level inside the unit very easily.

Required Parts:

  • Clonex Gel – $17 (one bottle lasts hundreds, maybe thousands of clones)
  • General Hydro Rapid Rooter Plugs – 50 for $17 (this is the only part that needs to be purchased often, you can buy them in larger qty for less so if you need more the cost savings add up)
  • VivoSun Pruning Shears – $5 (any sharp scissors will work)
  • Seedling Starting Trays with Dome Lids – Koram – $18 (each tray holds 12 plants and this is a 10 pack so you can do 120 clones at one time, they don’t sell them in anything less than 10 packs)
  • Optional – Seedling Heat Mat – $12 (Only required if your veg area doesn’t stay warm enough or if you want to root in an area that stays cool)
  • A Plant to take cuttings from (Duh) – $0+ (Only required if you want this to work)
Mother Cannabis Plant

Our mother plant we are going to take some cuttings from. Ignore the leaf tip burn, that was done intentionally (ok not really).

Cannabis Node

Identify a node to take your cutting from. I like to have 3-5 nodes on my cutting so I can trim them off leaving just the top node(s) and so when in the Rapid Rooter plugs they have exposed tissue to grow roots from.

Take a Cutting

Make your cut. Here you can see there is plenty of vegetation on the cutting from which we will prune off the excess in the following step.

Cut off excess nodes

Cut off the excess nodes at the stalk with your scissors but leave the top nodes so the cutting has energy to stay alive and grow.

Node cut flush

Node has been cut almost flush with the stalk.

More Pruning

Let’s keep going, still too much vegetation left.

Done with Trimming Nodes

We’re done with the side trimming of the cutting.

45 Degree Cut

Now its time to make our 45 degree angle cut at the bottom. I like to take this cut right below a trimmed off node. The trimmed node will provide exposed tissue that will allow the Clonex Gel to do it’s thang and roots will come out of these nodes eventually.

End Cut

45 degree cut has been made. Time to dip it into the Clonex Gel.

Dip Cutting into Clonex Gel

Dip your cutting into the Clonex Gel or use a tool to rub the cloning gel on the stalk. Make sure to cover it with cloning gel above the node that was cut off.

Stick Cutting into Rapid Rooter Plug

Stick the cutting into the Rapid Rooter plug. I like to prepare the plug just before I stick the cutting in by inserting a tool into the hole to make sure there are no obstructions so the prepared cutting slides in without much resistance. You don’t want to bend the stalk or else you’ll end up with a knuckle at the bend and it’ll take longer to recover and root.

Cutting in Propagation Tray

Stick the Rapid Rooter into the propagation tray. I like to number my tray corners so I can keep track of the strain in each hole. I use notepad on my phone to keep track of the date and slot number for each cutting. Example:

March 6
1 – AK47
2 – CNC3
3 – CO2

March 7
4 – AK47
5 – CO2
6 – CO2

I like to put a little bit of water in the bottom of the tray. I also like to wet the Rapid Rooter Plugs with the same water so they are wet. This prevents oxygen from getting to the trimmed node and end cut which would seal it off and make the rooting take much longer.

Clones in Tray

Every couple of days i’ll take the dome lid off and rewet the rapid rooter plugs to keep them moist. Check on them every few days and adjust the humidity as needed with the built in vent.

I like to number my trays so I can keep track in the notepad app on my phone.

There ya have it. Cheap and easy cloning that anyone can do and get great results.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Keep the Rapid Rooter Plugs moist and replace the water in the bottom as it evaporates.
  • Number the corners of the tray with a permanent marker. Use your notepad app on your phone to keep track of the cuttings. Mark them with the date taken and strain name.
  • Make tiny incisions in the stalk that goes into the Rapid Rooter before dipping the cutting in the Clonex Gel. This helps speed up the rooting process.
  • Keep water in the bottom of the bottom tray at all times. This helps replenish the moisture in the Rapid Rooters and helps keep the area moist so your cuttings do not dry out.
  • Clonex Gel can be applied with a tool if you do not wish to dip the cutting into the container, you can also buy single use packs of Clonex Gel if you’d like.
  • Keep the tray warm, 70-80 degrees is optimal.
  • Clean the trays between each cloning session. Calcium deposits build up on the trays and will leave a white residue on them. This also keeps algae from forming.