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Commercial Grow Racks

Small & Medium Commercial Grow Racks

(60″ x 24″ x 96″ Example Grow Rack)

Looking to start (or expand) your commercial grow operation?

We have the perfect solution for you! Our line of Commercial Grow Racks allow you to grow more efficiently, save space and money at the same time. Double (or triple) your profits in the same space you already occupy!

2x or 3x your canopy space!

By optimizing your existing grow space you can multiply your profits (2-3x) while keeping overhead costs at a minimum. Start growing up not out.

Fit twice (or three times) as many plants in the same space you already own!


In the future if you need larger grow racks you can simply order a few parts to expand your existing racks. This saves time, money and ensures your original investment will continue paying dividends long after your initial purchase. No other grow rack system can expand the way ours do.

Our commercial grow racks grow WITH you!

Built to Last!

Our Commercial Grow Racks are built to withstand the daily rigors of a modern commercial cannabis grow operation. Wether you grow with soil, coco or hydroponics our racks can handle the load with ease.

Built to handle up to 13,000 lbs per unit or up to 2,000 lbs per shelf!

Each commercial grow rack comes with a no-hassle 5 year warranty!


By outfitting our grow racks with caster wheels you’ll be able to move them wherever you need, quickly and easily.

Locks on each wheel ensure they won’t move unless you want them to.

We also offer track based mobility systems that can be retrofitted anytime you wish to upgrade.

Easily Adjusts

Medium Duty Commercial Grow Rack

Effortlessly change the layout of your grow rack in seconds. Raise, lower, or remove the shelves anytime to better suit your growing needs. Start growing SMARTER today!

No special tools needed and adjustments take seconds to perform.

Easy 5 Minute Assembly

Our Commercial Grow Racks can be assembled by one person in less than 5 minutes.

No special tools required.

The Growing Rack Feature Highlights

Customizable Dimensions:

Width: 24″(min) up to 96″(max)
Depth: 24″(min) up to 48″(max)
Height: 36″(min) up to 144″(max)

Optional Accessories:

Grow Light Bars
Easily hang, raise and lower your grow lights in seconds.

Caster Wheels
Make your grow racks mobile. Wheel locks included.

Shelving Material:

We have a variety of shelving options available or you can provide your own.

Melamine shelving is the ultimate solution for our medium duty grow racks. Combining strength and durability for effortless cleanups.

Metal shelving is a great cost effective option that still allows for easy cleanup and stands up well to situations where constant moisture is a concern.

Wire shelving is ideal for situations where cost savings is a major driving factor and complete separation between sections is not required.

Also Available:

The Bulk Grow Rack

Bulk Grow Racks

Pallet Grow Racks

Large Commercial Grow Racks

We also offer large scale commercial grow systems & racks, space saving mobility systems, drying racks, irrigation & drainage systems, grow light attachments and more.

We can help design and lay out your grow facility for FREE. We also offer turn-key solutions with professional assembly and installation.

Just contact us for a free consultation and we will be glad to help make your dreams a reality. We won’t be undersold, and we stand behind all our products. Give us a chance and we will make it worth your while.

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