Commercial Grow Rack Solutions

Commercial Grow Rack Solutions


Looking to start, expand or optimize your commercial grow operation?

Our line of Commercial Grow Racks allow you to grow more efficiently, save space and money at the same time.

Exponentially boost your profits in the same space you already occupy!

By optimizing your existing grow space you will multiply your potential profits while keeping overhead costs at a minimum. Start growing up not out.

Fit more plants in the same space you already own!

With our grow rack systems you can build as you grow. There’s no minimum purchase requirements and you aren’t obligated to stick with one particular growing system.

Most other grow rack companies require a large upfront cost to get up and running including cost of materials, professional installation, provisions for additional electrical, ventilation, irrigation, etc. With our flexible grow rack systems you can start small and test the waters without a big commitment or additional upfront costs.

Buy one or buy a thousand. We’ll accommodate your growing needs as YOU need them.

Many indoor grow operations only utilize a single canopy level. By using our vertical grow rack solutions you can double (or triple) your canopy by growing up instead of out. This allows you to better utilize and maximize your existing grow space.

With highly efficient LED grow lighting you may not need to expand your HVAC or electrical systems to start seeing the benefits of vertical growing.

In the future if you need larger grow racks you can simply order a few parts to expand your existing racks. This saves time, money and ensures your original investment will continue paying dividends long after your initial purchase. No other grow rack system can expand the way ours do.

Our commercial grow racks grow WITH you!

Our commercial vertical grow rack systems are built to withstand the daily rigors of a modern commercial cannabis grow operation. Wether you grow with soil, coco or hydroponics our racks can handle the load with ease.

Our grow racks can handle at least 1500-2000+ pounds per shelf and 13,000+ pounds per unit. Our grow racks use commercial & industrial grade components to handle anything you can throw at them.

By outfitting your grow racks with a mobility system you’ll be able to move them quickly and effortlessly.

Our Caster Wheels feature large rubber wheels & locks to ensure they won’t move unless you want them to.

Our track based mobility system can be retrofitted to your Rivet or Bulk Grow Racks anytime you wish to upgrade.

Medium Duty Commercial Grow Rack

Easily Adjusts

Effortlessly change the layout of your grow rack in seconds. Raise, lower, or remove the shelves anytime to better suit your growing needs. Start growing SMARTER today!

No special tools needed and adjustments take seconds to perform.

Our Commercial Grow Racks

Rivet Grow Rack

Perfect for small to medium sized commercial grow operations.

Bulk Grow Racks

Perfect for medium to large commercial grow operations.

Pallet Grow Racks

Perfect for the largest commercial grow operations.

Complete Commercial Grow Systems

We also offer complete A-Z commercial grow systems, track based mobility systems, drying racks, irrigation & drainage systems, grow light attachments and more.

We can help design and lay out your grow facility for FREE. These are turn-key solutions with professional assembly and installation.

Just contact us for a free consultation and we will be glad to help make your dreams a reality. We won’t be undersold, and we stand behind all our products. Give us a chance and we will make it worth your while.

Ready to Grow?

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We can give you a price quote in 24-48 hours so you can get started right away!

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