Common Questions & Answers2018-09-25T19:32:19-04:00

Common Questions & Answers

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I tried growing before and failed. How will this help me?2018-09-07T12:44:25-04:00

It’s very common for beginning growers to have problems due to their setup and design. Most new growers don’t plan out proper ventilation and air flow so they run into issues with heat and mold. It’s not fun to try and fail and that’s why we’ve created The Growing Rack.

You don’t need to plan for ventilation as we’ve already done that for you. By starting with a properly designed grow space you’ve already won half the battle. Now you can focus on growing your plants and not choking them with heat and stagnant air.

I’ve never grown before, will this be easy to use?2018-08-16T13:03:20-04:00

Absolutely. We made this as easy to use as possible and created it to be beginner friendly. Once you get it assembled you’re on your way. Growing plants has never been so easy.

We’ll even help you out if you have any growing questions so you won’t be going at it alone. We have years of indoor cultivation experience and will help guide you every step of the way.

I suffer from back / spine pain, how will this help?2018-08-16T13:06:48-04:00

The Growing Rack is ideal for those who suffer from back or spine pain due to the fact it raises your flowering plants to any height that you are comfortable with. By simply raising or lowering the center shelf you will have the ideal working height to water, fertilize, or work with your growing plants.

No more bending or squatting to tend to your garden.

You can even put a chair in front of it and work on your garden while sitting. This feature alone will save many from the pain associated with traditional indoor gardening and enable those who wouldn’t be able to garden otherwise.

What are the advantages of The Growing Rack?2018-08-31T13:13:48-04:00

The Growing Rack has many cool features and benefits that make indoor cultivation easy.

Perfect Height – Work on your plants at the perfect “bench” height. No more bending down or crouching in a cramped space while caring for your plants. This will ease back pain and make gardening so much more enjoyable.

Expandability – No other grow system has this capability. The Growing Rack is different. When you buy our unit it’s just the beginning. You can upgrade or expand it with new features as time goes on. You aren’t locked in to anything.

Spacious – The space required to grow is often overlooked. Most systems simply do not have the space you need. With our unit you can have up to 6 1/2 feet of vertical space for your plants to grow.

Versatile – Sea Of Green, SCReen Of Green, Soil, Soilless, Organics, Hydroponics, DWC are all growing styles & methods our unit is well suited for. Mix and match them as you wish. There are no limits.

Mobile – Optimal caster wheels allow you to move your entire grow anywhere. Simply unplug it from the power source and move it to it’s next location. This allows you to optimize your room space to allow for more plants and higher yields.

Easy Clean-up – The Growing Rack is easy to keep clean. Melamine covered boards allow you to wipe up spills and messes with ease.

These are just a few of our favorite features that sets our product apart from the competition. Once you get it, you won’t regret it. We guarantee it.

Where is the Assembly Instruction Manual?2018-07-31T13:29:48-04:00

Click the button below for The Growing Rack Assembly Instruction Manual. You will need a PDF reader to view or print it out.

Are there any light leaks?2018-08-15T20:53:45-04:00

Light leaks are not an issue with The Growing Rack. We start with a dual layer vinyl cover that is white on the inside and black on the outside. The white side reflects light from your grow lights back to your plants and the black side keeps all light from passing through (in either direction).

The vinyl cover is securely attached to the rack with heavy-duty Velcro and can be quickly and easily removed in seconds for easy access to every side of your grow space.

We spent many months prototyping and testing various materials and fasteners to bring you the best possible solution. The Growing Rack was expertly created, tested and used by master growers with many years of indoor growing experience so you can rest assured it will work as intended.

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Do I need to drill any holes or modify my home?2018-07-16T19:22:44-04:00

Not at all. This is perfect for those who don’t wish to modify or damage their home. The Growing Rack is self contained and does not require any drilling, cutting or modifications to your home. Just assemble and start growing. When you need to tear it down, it comes apart just as quickly. The Growing Rack gives you peace of mind and confidence to grow indoors in any home.

Can I use this to start or grow my business?2018-06-27T11:51:38-04:00

Absolutely. The Growing Rack is perfect for starting a business, growing your business or personal use. You can start small and grow as needed without costly overhead expenses. The Growing Rack grows WITH you. Start with one and buy more as needed. With caster wheels each unit can be mobilized and moved easily. No other indoor grow setup allows this much flexibility and versatility. Stop dreaming and start growing (your business) today!

How can I setup CO2 with HID / HPS / MH grow lights?2018-06-23T14:02:49-04:00

CO2 distribution can be a little tricky with most setups like grow tents and grow cabinets. Not with The Growing Rack. Here are a few of the ways you can vent your HID / HPS / MH reflector while sealing off the growing chambers for CO2 injection. The pass-through grommet holes can also easily be used for CO2 distribution. Here are just a few of the available options you have with The Growing Rack.

The Growing Rack HPS
How can I vent my HID (HPS / MH) light fixture?2018-06-23T14:06:53-04:00

Venting HID (HPS / MH) reflector hoods is super easy with The Growing Rack. The following options allow you to vent the growing chamber(s) through the reflector hood for optimal air circulation. There are many more available options, here are just a couple to illustrate how easily it can be done.

The Growing Rack HID Venting
What are the possible rack configurations?2018-06-22T12:53:23-04:00

The Growing Rack gives you plenty of configuration options to suit your growing needs. Each option is quick and easy to change whenever you need it. Here are just a few of the possibilities.

The Growing Rack Configurations
What are the possible ventilation configurations?2018-06-22T12:48:19-04:00

With The Growing Rack you have several ventilation options at your disposal. Its quick and easy to change from one to another. Here are just a few of the available options.

The Growing Rack Configurations
Will this make money or pay for itself?2018-06-27T11:36:35-04:00

It could certainly pay for itself on your very first grow but this can obviously change based on several external factors such as: genetics, growing style, plant numbers, fertilizers, grow medium, etc.

Many grow tent and grow cabinet manufacturer’s inflate their numbers so you’ll buy their product. We don’t do that. The Growing Rack should pay for itself much quicker than other similar products on the market due to it’s ease of setup & use, available space and effectiveness. We give you the setup to be successful, the rest is up to you. We will however help you by answering any grow related questions you may have. So feel free to buy one today and we’ll help you along the way.

Is this Made in the USA?2018-08-16T13:04:08-04:00
Made in the USA
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We are proud to say The Growing Rack is built right here in the USA. By purchasing The Growing Rack you will be supporting American business’s and workers.

We also have special discounts available for Military Veterans, just contact us for more information.

What is the total weight capacity?2018-06-07T14:59:13-04:00

The Growing Rack’s total weight capacity is 8,000 lbs (pounds). Each shelf is capable of holding up to 2,000 lbs (pounds). The Growing Rack is built with commercial quality parts to ensure years of continued use.

Compare this to most consumer grade shelving units that can hold a maximum of a couple hundred pounds per shelf and you can see just how much better quality this is compared to it’s competition. Most consumer grade shelving units also use split (2 piece) corner support posts that require brackets to join them together. The Growing Rack’s corner support posts are built from single piece 14 gauge steel and are rated to handle up to 8,000 lbs (2,000 per post) up to 12 feet (144 inches) high.

We built The Growing Rack to be stronger than it needs to be so you can rest assured that it will be there when you need it.

What is required to start growing?2018-06-06T15:25:28-04:00

Besides The Growing Rack we recommend the following:

  • LED or HID Lights – We recommend LED lights due to their high efficiency and low running temperature. High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights such as High Pressure Sodium (HPS) or Metal Halide (MH) can also be used.
  • T-5 Fluorescent – We recommend T-5 Fluorescent lights for the Grow / Vegging Chamber. This will allow young plants to flourish and grow.
  • In-line Vent Fan – We recommend at least 100+ CFM to ensure proper ventilation. 180+ CFM is ideal.
  • Carbon Air Filter (Scrubber) – We recommend using a high capacity carbon air filter (scrubber) for ALL exhaust air to eliminate possible odors.
  • Surge Protector – A high quality surge protector is recommended for protection.
  • Grow Timers – 1 or 2 are required for proper light cycles. Grow / Vegging Chambers typically run on 18-24 hours of light and Flowering Chambers require a 12/12 photoperiod. We recommend you keep an extra one handy just in case of failure.
Do you offer wholesale pricing?2018-06-06T11:46:48-04:00

We do offer wholesale pricing for dealers or customers who wish to buy multiple units. Please contact us for more information on wholesale & multiple unit discounts.

What is the manufacturer’s warranty?2018-07-16T18:53:34-04:00

We have built The Growing Rack to be much stronger than it needs to be. We’ve incorporated commercial grade components to ensure that it will last for many years to come and survive even the most brutal growing conditions.

The Growing Rack is guaranteed free of defects for 5 years on all metal parts and 1 year on everything else. If any part should fail, please contact us and we will get it taken care of immediately.

Is this shipped discreetly?2018-07-16T18:29:10-04:00

Yes, absolutely it is shipped discreetly. There are no markings outside the package that will reveal the internal contents. Your (nosey) neighbors will think it’s just an ordinary shelving unit. We know that privacy is a top priority and we take that very seriously. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Discreet UPS Ground Shipping
Is this available in other sizes?2018-06-07T15:01:41-04:00

Yes, absolutely. We can create a growing (or drying / storage) rack in any other size you need. Want it bigger/smaller/deeper/taller? Need wire shelves? More or fewer shelves? Not a problem. Just contact us and we will create a solution to suit your needs and make your dreams a reality.

We also offer wholesale discounts on large orders and can provide professional turn-key installation & setup. Let our professionals help design your entire grow operation. Just reach out and let us know what you need and we will get back to you with a FREE no-obligation quote. It couldn’t be any easier to get growing.

How many plants can I grow?2018-06-07T15:04:03-04:00

It really depends on many factors but generally speaking The Growing Rack can easily fit up to 10-14 full size adult plants (in the flowering chamber) and dozens of smaller plants (in the grow / vegging chamber). If you choose to grow smaller plants you can obviously fit more and the opposite if you grow larger plants.

This setup is ideal for 1-4 patients (users), depending on quantity required. With Sea Of Green (SOG) or SCReen Of Green (SCROG) growing techniques you can easily keep a constant supply or maximize your yields. If you ever run out of space you can reposition (or remove) the middle shelf or purchase additional unit’s to further expand your plant capacity.

What about ventilation & odor control?2018-08-16T13:04:36-04:00

Ventilation and odor control is easy with The Growing Rack. We did all the planning, engineering and cutting so you don’t have to. Just add an inline vent fan and a carbon air filter (scrubber) and you’re done. Each shelf panel has pass-through 4″ vent ports to make installation quick and easy. We recommend at least a 100+ CFM inline vent fan(150-200 CFM for best results).

You can easily route the ventilation in any number of ways to best suit your needs. You can also daisy chain multiple growing racks together. With active ventilation and a carbon air filter (scrubber), odor control and ventilation are a snap.

Ventilation Fan & Carbon Air Filter
What if I need more space?2018-07-27T12:25:35-04:00

With The Growing Rack you have a couple options to increase your growing space. You can easily move or remove the middle shelf to provide more vertical height for taller plants, buy another unit to further increase your capacity, or expand the unit itself by replacing just a few parts. This is ideal for those who would like to build their passion into a business. With The Growing Rack there are no limits and adding space is quick and easy.

The Growing Rack is 60″ Wide (5 feet) x 24″ (2 feet) Deep so you can easily layout an entire room with several units. We can even help you layout your grow space. Just contact us for more information or to get started.

The Growing Rack without Middle Shelf