Grow Rack Shelving Units for cannabis cultivation can save you time, space and money.

We will explore a few of the reasons this ultra efficient growing system is good for growing your business without expanding your footprint. By utilizing your existing grow space more efficiently you decrease your workload, increase your profits and make more money.


Grow rack shelving units can save you time by condensing your grow canopy into a smaller area. By growing vertically instead of horizontally you can use wasted space and move between your plants more efficiently. This saves time and energy and will allow you to cut your gardening time down substantially.


By properly utilizing vertical space that is not being used you can condense your canopy into a space 1/2 to 1/3 the size it occupies currently.

20 sqft of canopy only needs to occupy 10 sqft of space, 100 sqft of canopy only needs to occupy 50 sqft of space and so on.

If you currently use 5000 sqft of floor space for flowering plants in order to add more you’d need to expand your grow space. By growing up instead of out you can easily double your canopy space to 10,000 sqft without adding an inch of space to your building. In most cases this alone will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.


It’s easy to see how using grow racks will save you time and space, but how will they make you more money?

By not requiring expensive renovations to expand your growing capacity you’ll save money immediately. By doubling (or tripling) your canopy you will also exponentially increase your profits and minimize operating costs. Your cost to produce quality end product will go down. Every business wants to minimize operating costs and grow racks are the perfect solution for doing just that.


If you are starting a new business or expanding your current operation we have a grow rack solution to fit your needs. Wether you want to increase your profits or just optimize your work flow we have solutions that will make you more money and help you become more successful in a competitive market. We can give you a quote in just a few minutes on most of our grow racks. For large commercial grow operations we can even help you design and layout your grow space for no extra charge.

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