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Mobile Commercial Grow Rack Systems

We are your go-to provider for Commercial Mobile Growing Solutions

We’ve engineered cost effective solutions that can multiply your commercial grow space & output production without adding an inch to your existing footprint! Imagine doubling or tripling your available grow space with a more efficient workflow! Our commercial horticulture grow solutions pay for themselves.

We offer full design, manufacturing, delivery, installation and service throughout the United States. Here are a few key benefits you will receive when you give us a chance:

  • Solutions that are easily integrated with irrigation & drainage systems, lighting, airflow, and other elements necessary for operation.
  • 3 week typical lead time until delivery / installation.
  • Installation fully included with purchase and performed by a certified, insured, and licensed team of professional installers.
  • NSF Certified product solutions are available.
  • We can provide safety and seismic zone compliance assessments & reviews.
  • No facility is too large or too small. We have ideal solutions to fit ALL your growing needs.
  • High quality and dependable products that will last for many years to come.
  • FREE layout & design services. Let our expert engineers handle the hard work for you!
  • Low Cost. Superb Value. Dependable and Trusted for over 40 years.

Already have Grow Racks?

If you already have a grow racking system in place, we can retrofit our mobility systems to the grow racks you already own.

This will save you time, money and will double or triple your growing space practically overnight! Just contact us for more information on how we can mobilize your existing setup.

Check out some of our available commercial growing solutions below. Need something special? We can do that too!

Rail & Carriage Systems

Grow Racking


Grow Room Layout & Design

(Our expert layout & design services are always FREE)

Service & Installation

Irrigation Systems

Drainage Systems

Grow Light Attachments

Made in the USA. Factory Direct.

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we serve cannabis cultivators with professionalism and honesty.

You’ll deal directly with us. We will design specifically for you. No wasted resources. No mark-ups. You win.

Warranty Information

Horticulture Carriages and Vertical Grow Racks are warrantied for Five (5) years to the original purchaser. Due to the high humidity in the grow environment, some tarnishing, oxidation and metal decomposition is to be expected. These blemishes are merely cosmetic and do not affect functionality or qualify for replacement under the warranty.

If Greenhaus Trays are provided, they carry a One (1) year warranty.

All Installations are warrantied for One (1) year from the date of the original installation for labor on replacement parts.

Let’s get growing. Contact us now.

To get the ball rolling just fill out the form below, call or text us Toll-Free at (833) Rack-420 or (833) 722-5420.