Mobile Vertical Horticulture Rivet Grow Racks

Rivet Grow Racks are great for a number of reasons. This article will discuss the most important reasons why you might want to take a look at Rivet Grow Racks for your grow operation.


Rivet Grow Racks are the most cost efficient type of grow racks currently available. Due to low start up costs you can easily buy just a few to start and build up more as you grow and can afford it.


Rivet Grow Racks can be mobilized by adding Caster Wheels to them. This low cost mobility option is also very flexible and allows you to have many of the advantages of a mobility system without the limits and upfront costs associated with installation.


Rivet Grow Racks are very durable and can handle just about anything you can throw at them. Due to the nature of indoor horticulture growing the weight on each shelf is typically not a lot. Because of this you can often use low cost shelving options in place of high priced alternatives. Most Rivet Grow Racks can handle up to 1500-2000 pounds per shelf and upwards of 10,000 pounds plus per unit.


These grow racks can also be expanded much easier than their counterparts (bulk, pallet grow racks). By replacing just a few parts you can expand your Rivet Grow Rack without replacing all the parts. Upgrades typically take minutes and don’t require help to do so.


Rivet Grow Racks are an excellent option for any small to medium sized grow and if you are unsure if this type of growing method will work for you, you can always try it out with just a few units and if you don’t like it, just repurpose them for other things such as drying racks, processing benches, etc. This means you can give them a try for virtually no risk at all.