The Growing Rack – Pallet Series

Pallet Grow Rack

Example Pallet Grow Rack in Medium Grey

The Growing Rack – Pallet Series is a premium large scale racking solution to accommodate your vertical horticulture growing needs.

This bolt-less style grow rack allows easy access to growing plants from all sides.

The heavy-duty powder coated uprights and support beams are strong enough for any growing method including Soil, Coco, Hydroponics and more. Sturdy support beams drop into slots on upright corner supports to create a sturdy and rigid grow structure.

Various decking materials and add-on accessories are also available that makes this one of the most flexible horticulture grow racks available.

Standard Features

  • Heavy-Duty 14 Gauge Steel Beams
  • 14 Gauge Steel Angle Uprights
  • 2-5+ Shelving Levels
  • Durable Powder Coated Finish
  • Versatile & Flexible Modular Design
  • Expandable – Add more shelves or expand the rack dimensions at any time!
  • Adjustable Shelves / Levels
  • Holds up to 6000 lbs per shelf – 25,000+ lbs per unit

Perfect For:

  • Hydroponic Drip / Flood Table Trays
  • FloraFlex™ Grow Systems
  • FGI Lighting Commercial LED Grow Lights
  • Fluence SPYDRx™ LED Grow Lights
  • Horticulture Lighting Group (HLG) Quantum LED Grow Lights
  • T-5 Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures

Recommended for:

  • Soil / Coco / Soilless / DWC & RDWC / Hydroponic Grow Systems
  • Vegetative / Flowering (Bloom) Grow Phases
  • Storage & Organization

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The Growing Pallet Rack Feature Highlights

Customizable Dimensions:

Width: 96-120+”
Depth: 42″ or 48″
Height: 96″-240+”

Optional Accessories:

  • Additional Shelf Supports
  • Additional Shelf Levels
  • Grow Trays

Shelving Material:

We have a variety of shelving options available or you can provide your own.

Wire shelving is ideal for most horticulture applications.

Melamine shelving is a great solution for horticulture grow racks. Combining strength, durability, and easy cleanup.

Metal shelving is a great  cost effective option that allows for easy cleanup. Best in light duty applications.

Feature Rivet Grow Rack Bulk Grow Rack Pallet Grow Rack
Rivet Grow Racks
Bulk Grow Racks
Pallet Grow Racks
Starting Price / Cost $249+ $699+ $999+
Facility Size Small / Craft / Medium Medium to Large Extra Large (10,000+ sqft)
Mobile Capable Yes Yes No – Stationary
Per Shelf Weight Capacity 1,500 lbs (typical) 2,000 lbs (typical) 6,000 lbs (typical)
Maximum Weight Capacity 13,000 lbs 15,000 lbs (typical) 20,000+ lbs (typical)
Maximum Unit Height 168″ (14 feet) 240″ (20 feet) 240+” (20+ feet)
Depth 24″ to 48″ 24″ to 48″ 42″ or 48″ (48″ typical)
Width 48″-96″ 96″ (typical) 96″-120+” (typical)
# of Shelves / Levels 2-3+ 2-3+ 2-5+
Shelving Materials Wire, Melamine, Metal Wire, Melamine, Metal Wire, Melamine, Metal
Assembly 1 Person 2+ Person or Mechanical Asst 2+ Person + Mechanical Asst
Lead Time 3-5 Days 1-2 Weeks 5-7 Days

Starting @ $999 + Shipping

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