Rivet vs Bulk vs Pallet Vertical Horticulture Grow Racks

Vertical horticulture grow racks are available in many different sizes. From Rivet to Pallet Racks theres a solution that will fit into your budget and expand your grow operation.

From small craft cannabis grow ops to large indoor produce farms nearly every company with limited space can benefit from the right grow rack setup.

Let’s take a look at what makes each type of vertical horticulture racking system different and how they can help you expand your canopy space without requiring a larger footprint or facility.

Feature Rivet Grow Rack Bulk Grow Rack Pallet Grow Rack
Starting Price / Cost $249+ $699+ $1499+
Facility Size Small / Craft / Medium Medium to Large Extra Large (10,000+ sqft)
Mobile Capable Yes Yes No – Stationary
Per Shelf Weight Capacity 1,500 lbs (typical) 2,000 lbs (typical) 6,000 lbs (typical)
Maximum Weight Capacity 13,000 lbs 15,000 lbs (typical) 18,000+ lbs (typical)
Maximum Unit Height 168″ (14 feet) 240″ (20 feet) 240+” (20+ feet)
Depth 24″ to 48″ 24″ to 48″ 42″ or 48″ (48″ typical)
Width 48″-96″ 96″ (typical) 96″-120+” (typical)
# of Shelves / Levels 2-3+ 2-3+ 2-5+
Shelving Materials Wire, Melamine, Metal Wire, Melamine, Metal Wire, Melamine, Metal
Assembly 1 Person 2+ Person or Mechanical Asst 2+ Person + Mechanical Asst
Lead Time 3-5 Days 1-2 Weeks 2-4 Weeks
Rivet Grow Rack

Rivet Grow Rack

Bulk Grow Rack

Bulk Grow Rack

Pallet Grow Rack

Pallet Grow Rack

Shelving Material:

We have a variety of shelving options available or you can provide your own.

Wire shelving is ideal for most horticulture applications.

Melamine shelving is a great solution for horticulture grow racks. Combining strength, durability, and easy cleanup.

Metal shelving is a great  cost effective option that allows for easy cleanup. Best in light duty applications.

As you can see in the above chart the type of grow rack used is proportionate to the size of the grow space.

  • Rivet Grow Racks are inexpensive and ideal for small to medium sized grows.
  • Bulk Grow Racks are ideal for medium to large scale grow operations.
  • Pallet Grow Racks are best suited for the largest grow ops.

Each offer amazing flexibility and will expand your canopy with 2, 3, 4 or more tiers of shelves.