The Case for Caster Wheels

Caster Wheels are a cost effective solution to mobilize vertical horticulture grow racks and we’ll discuss the reasons why you should consider them in your grow operation.

Caster Wheels are great to add mobility to small to medium sized vertical grow racks. By adding caster wheels you’ll be able to move your racks whenever needed with very little effort. Most caster wheel options also have built in locks that allow you to lock the wheels to keep your grow racks from moving when in place. One of the biggest advantages caster wheels have over track based mobility systems is they all you to change the configuration of your grow room with ease. With track based mobility systems this is not possible. But with caster wheels you can reconfigure your grow space in a matter of minutes without the need to hire professionals to carry out the task.

Caster wheels are great for small to medium sized grow racks but cannot be used on large pallet racks or large bulk racking due to the weight involved and the effort it would take to manually move the unit on wheels. In this case a track based mobility system may be your only option to make your grow racks mobile.

However many commercial grow ops are instead opting for stationary racks instead. This is the only option for pallet grow racks and there is some upside to using stationary racking. First of all you don’t have to move racks to get to your plants. Track based mobility systems are plagued by this aspect of their design. Sure they save space but they don’t allow for easy convenient access to your plants the way stationary racks with isles do. With stationary racking you can easily run electrical, irrigation, lights, and ventilation systems without the need for provisions for continual movement of the grow racks.

In summary caster wheels allow for the mobility you need without the added expense of track based mobility systems. They are much cheaper to deploy and use and are not subject to the same mechanical issues other mobility systems are subject to. So if you want some mobility without the added costs consider giving caster wheels a try.