Cannabis VPD Chart

Why is VPD Important?

You probably already know that VPD is an important thing to keep track of in your grow’s environment, that’s why you’re looking it up. But why is VPD important?

Getting your VPD right will give you the best results in your grow. VPD influences five key things, that are all somewhat related.

    • As VPD increases, stomata get smaller.
    • As VPD increases and stomata get smaller, CO2 uptake gets reduced.
    • As VPD increases, the plant transpires (evaporates from leaves) faster due to the larger difference in vapor pressures between the leaf and the air.
    • As VPD increases, and transpiration increases, the roots pull in more nutrients. The plant is like one connected system of plumbing!
    • As VPD increases, there are more forces acting on the plant – from the leaves to the roots – and the plant experiences more stress.

As you can see there’s a complicated tradeoff between VPD and a variety of factors. You can increase how much CO2 the plant absorbs, but reduce the amount of nutrition. You can increase the amount of nutrition, but also stress the plant more. VPD is a very powerful tool in the grower’s toolbox. To get the best results you need to find the correct VPD sweet spot for the plant’s stage of growth.

VPD and Indoor Growing

Indoor growing comes with huge advantages. You get to have control over the environment that your plants grow in. Environment is one of the essential “knobs” you can twist in order to get better results in your grow, and VPD is the key part of that formula.

The information above was provided by one of our commercial partners Pulse. They are the creators of the Pulse One VPD Monitor. These monitors are perfect for our commercial grow racks and will take your commercial cannabis grow to the next level.

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